When is Most Termite Damage Done?

It takes approximately two to four years for a termite colony to mature. Once the colony reaches maturity, it has enough termites to cause damage. If a colony goes undetected or uncontrolled, the rate of damage will accelerate exponentially as it continues to grow its number of workers.

At specific times of the year, mature termite colonies develop a large number of reproductives called nymphs. These nymphs molt to form alates (termite swarmers), which are sexually mature male and female termites. When weather conditions are optimal, these swarmers leave the nest with the hope of starting new colonies – colonies that can be located in another location in or around your home. Thus, the damage from the initial colony can be multiplied when other satellite nests and new colonies become established.

When is Peak Termite Season?
Homeowners frequently ask about “peak termite season” or “the worst termite months.” While it is true that termites are more visible during warmer months, this visibility does not mean termites are not damaging homes at other times of the year. After all, most homes provide the ideal food, moisture, shelter and regulated temperature termites need to survive year round.