Termite Stakes

Scientists have developed a method of termite control using stakes installed in the soil. This program can be used along with a liquid termiticide treatment or as a “stand alone” treatment. This treatment has proven to be very effective in protecting homes against termites.

The treatment process is often called a “bait program”. In reality, most of the time it is a monitoring program. When termites are actually present, the system is used to kill them. Killing the termites while they are out in the yard has proven to be effective in protecting homes against termite invasion.

There are several brands of monitoring/bait systems available. They use different types of stations and different active ingredients to kill the termites, but the basic principles are very similar.

The process starts by installing stations around the outside of a home or building. The stations are spaced to increase the chance that termites will find them. It also helps to place stations near likely termite areas like woodpiles and shady areas.

The next part of the process is to inspect the stations on a regular schedule. The timing varies according to the region of the country and the time of the year. It might be necessary to check stations weekly or twice each month during the spring along the Gulf Coast. In Northern states, it might not be necessary to check stations at all during the winter.

The third part of the process is to insert a treated cellulose device when termites attack a station. The device is treated with an active ingredient that kills termites. The termites eat the material and share it with their nest mates. As long as termites are present, it is important to keep active ingredient full and fresh.

When there are no more termites in the station, the remaining active ingredient is removed. The monitoring stakes are re–installed and the inspection schedule starts again.

In some tests, bait/monitoring systems eliminated the entire termite colony. In many other tests, the system killed all of the termites that fed on the active ingredient. These tests demonstrated that the monitoring/bait system could protect homes against termite attack.