Termite Foam

ermite control can sometimes be challenging. Liquid termiticides are toxic to termites, but only when the termites come into contact with the termiticide. It is often difficult to apply the termiticide in the exact spot where the termites are attacking.

In homes that are built on concrete slabs, termites often find tiny cracks in the concrete. They can use the cracks as entryways into the home. Many of these cracks are covered with tile, vinyl, or some other material. The floor covering often makes it impossible to apply liquid termiticide where the termites are entering the home.

Situations like this can be frustrating for the homeowner. If the termites are not stopped, they continue to cause damage. It is also frustrating to the pest control professional that is making the treatment.

In order to treat termites more effectively, many pest control professionals use a “foam generator”. This is a machine that changes liquid termiticide into foam. The foam is injected through a hole that is drilled in the concrete slab. The foam spreads until it reaches the termite entryway.

Tests have shown that foam can be used to treat many places that were inaccessible with liquid termiticide. The foam termiticide can be injected under a concrete slab to treat cracks, expansion joints, and plumbing penetrations. These foam treatments have proven to be more effective than liquid termiticide alone.

If subterranean termites find a place where there is plenty of moisture, they often make nests above ground level. Foam termiticide is effective for controlling termites in many of these situations.

Very thick foam termiticide is injected into the void space inside of the wall where termites have made their nest. Tests have shown that the foam dissolves the mud tunnels. The foam penetrates the termite nest so that the termites are exposed to the termiticide. Because the thick foam contains very little water, it can eliminate the termites without damaging the wall.

Foam termiticide may be available to homeowners in aerosol cans. These could be used to inject termiticide into a termite gallery in a damaged piece of wood. This can eliminate a small, localized termite infestation.

The foam–generating machines that are used to treat under concrete slabs are not normally available to homeowners. Pest control professionals normally do foam termiticide treatments under homes and inside of walls.