Premise Granules

Historically, termite control was done by digging a trench along a foundation several inches wide by several inches deep. Liquid termiticide was then added to the trench through application equipment and the termiticides penetrated the soil along the foundation. If there was a reinfestation, the liquid was reapplied.

Today, there are products which can be applied in specific areas without having to mix up a batch of termiticide. These granular products are becoming very popular with the professional as granular products allow flexibility in treatment in a quick and efficient manner. One of these products available today is Premise Granules.

Premise Granules require no mixing or specialized equipment so the vital requirement is the knowledge which is what professionals bring to the table. Their knowledge about the biology of the pest, construction, and best control practices allows the professional to use Premise Granules with optimum success.

Premise granules are applied at a rate of about 3 ounces per foot of foundation or can be applied in a band three to ten feet out from the foundation. This product has no odor and has the active ingredient of imidacloprid, a termiticide or termite control agent. Since the termite does not recognize this product as a control agent, they allow themselves to come in contact with the product. When the termites groom other termites, the product is spread throughout the colony and the numbers are greatly reduced.

Premise Granules have been on the market for a short period but the product does have university evidence that it does control termites. It does not leave a long term control residual but for hot spots, it works very well to control pockets of termites. It can also be used during regular inspections and during periodic service visits. The product is manufactured by Bayer Environmental Science, a key player in agricultural, health, and pest management products.