Bifen IT (Talstar Generic)

Bifen is the line of bifenthrin based products distributed by Control Solutions. Bifenthrin is the active ingredient of the Bifen product line. Bifen products are generics and are usually less expensive as the generic manufacturer can reap the benefits of original research without having to invest large sums of money.

Bifen I/T is a concentrate of 7.9% bifenthrin as a concentrate which is measured and added to water to form an emulsion, or mix of active ingredient and water. I/T is for “insecticide and termiticide” and works on an array of pests. It can be measured for smaller quantities of dilutions. Bifen I/T comes in container sizes of 4 ounces, one pint, one quart, three quarts, and one gallon.

Bifen L/P is a granule which uses a sand base for perimeter and lawn applications. The bifenthrin concentration is 0.2% and can be spread using a hand spreader or lawn spreader. This product is mostly for general pests but bifenthrin in the soil may contribute to termite control using this product but it is not designed especially for termites. This product comes in a 25 pound bag.

Bifen Lawn and Perimeter is a 0.1% bifenthrin granule product. This has been replaced by Bifen L/P but current stocks can be used until exhausted. Bifen Lawn and Perimiter come in 10 and 25 pound bags.

Bifen XTS is a concentrated bifenthrin product which is a versatile termiticide and insecticide. The Bifen XTS manufacturer explains that XTS is the best bifenthrin residual available. It contains a concentrated amount of bifenthrin of 25.1% and comes in one gallon containers.

Bifenthrin products are used for termite control, both in new construction and in post construction for existing homes.