Termite Facts

U.S. homeowners spend billions of dollars each year for control methods and repairs for damage caused by termites. These wood-destroying insects can live in the soil underground (subterranean and Formosan species) and inside wooden structures (drywood and dampwood species). Formosan termites also can build nests inside the walls of homes, called cartons.

Termites are often called “silent destroyers,” since they can thrive inside your home without noticeable signs of damage. Unfortunately, once termite activity is visible, your home may have already sustained significant damage from these pests.

To help protect your home, contact a qualified termite expert to provide annual inspections and treatment, when necessary. Trained experts know all about termites, including their biology, behavior, signs of activity and prevention and control techniques.

In between service visits, make sure to monitor any unusual signs of pest activity around your home, including common warning signs for a termite infestation like swarms, mud tubes, and discarded wings.