Termites Under House Slab

Subterranean termites can live up to 18 inches below ground. Some species’ nests can have a radius of up to 340 feet. These habits mean that a subterranean termite nest can be located beneath a home.

In states with heavy subterranean termite activity, the new home construction process often includes the application of termiticides under the foundation before construction begins. Some older homes have received pre-construction treatment, but this treatment likely has been diluted over the years and is no longer effective.

Where treatment is non-existent or no longer effective, talk to your termite specialist about what prevention methods are most appropriate for your home.

How to Detect Termites Under the House

There are three main ways to discover termites under your home:

Via monitoring or bait stations.
During an annual inspection. (The inspector may notice signs of termite activity, including mud tubes along the side of the house.)
By tracing an active termite infestation from a spot in your house to a nest under your house.(Since subterranean termites build their nests underground, it may be difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the nest.)
Treat Termites Under the Home Slab

A “slab” is a type of concrete foundation that does not have a basement or crawlspace. To control a termite infestation underneath the slab, a pest control professional typically will recommend a termiticide treatment that can be applied through rods reaching under the house or holes drilled in the slab.

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Bait stations installed underground are another method to control subterranean termites that nest under the home. However, bait stations can take much longer to control a colony than termiticide treatments since baits use slower-acting materials.