Termites in Carpet

While termites typically are feared for their wood-destroying abilities, they can consume any product made of cellulose, including carpet fibers. Termites also can feed on the carpet pad, subfloor and carpet tack strips.

If you notice carpet or rug fibers getting worn in low traffic areas, termites could be the cause. A termite inspector can help you determine if the carpet or flooring materials under the carpet may be concealing a termite infestation. He or she also can help determine the extent of the damage, if termites are the cause.

If termite damage is limited to the carpet and carpet pad, it typically is fairly easy to replace the carpet after treating the termite infestation. However, if your expert found termites under the carpet in the subfloor or floor supports, the repairs may be more complicated and costly. A licensed contractor should repair any damage beneath the superficial carpet layer to help maintain your home’s structural integrity. After all, floor supports must be able to withstand the weight of furniture, appliances and walls, not to mention people walking across the floor.

If you discover a signs of a potential termite rug infestation – indoors or outdoors – contact a licensed termite inspector. He or she can help confirm whether termites are the cause, and if necessary, recommend treatment methods to control current and future termite activity.