What Attracts Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are found throughout the US and persist as both a nuisance species and a destructive pest insect, as well. The insect attacks both native plant species and human produce and crops. While feeding, stink bugs leave a distinctive scarring to most fruits and may also leave black markings on the skin and in the fruit, making the fruit unmarketable. The insect also persists as a nuisance pest, as the stink bug may overwinter in human structures.

Most stink bugs remain attracted to the odors of fruits and vegetables growing in a certain area and may gather in order to mate, feed, and lay eggs. Another attractant for stink bugs remains a pheromone released to call others of the species. This aggregation pheromone is a scent specific to the species that brings additional stink bugs to the area in which it is released. This scent is in no way related to the chemical released when threatened that lends to the eponymous name. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, squashing a stink bug will not attract other stink bugs.