Do Stink Bugs Fly?

Stink Bugs Wings & Can Fly

small stink bug image

Both species of stink bugs living in the United States are strong fliers (as adults). With the distal portion of the wings reflecting those of the fly (membranous), then leathery in the proximal half, the insect finds travels easily through the air. Extremely active while looking for food sources and during mating season, the stink bug may fly up to half a mile at a time.

When at rest, the wings remain partially concealed by a protective covering that appears reminiscent of a triangle.

While the adults of the species remain adept fliers, young stink bugs, or nymphs, lack wings and do not fly.

How else do they get around?
Though the stink bug may move quite well through the air, the insect also may arrive at new places as other bugs do: as hitchhikers. Stowing away on trucks transporting crops, inside furniture when said objects are moved, and even on clothing, stink bugs may move from place to place easily. With human intervention, whether known or not, the stink bug may travel great distances then establish new populations almost immediately. In constant search of suitable food sources, the insect may become a distinct nuisance rather quickly.