Wolf Spider Bites

Do Wolf Spiders Bite People?

Although wolf spiders can look rather menacing because they are large and hairy, they actually do not pose a significant threat to people. Though they hunt and attack their prey, they are more likely to run away from a human when frightened than to attack. Like many types of spiders, wolf spiders do not tend to bite humans unless they are provoked or get trapped against a person’s skin.

wolf spider

Behavior Before Biting
Often times, before a wolf spider lands a bite, it will rear back and expose its fangs.

They Are Not Deadly
Bites from wolf spiders are not deadly to humans and usually are not any more significant than a bee sting. However, if a person is very sensitive or allergic to these types of bites, a wolf spider’s bite may cause more a serious reaction.


A bite victim may experience pain or swelling at the location of the bite or notice some redness. The skin in that area can even turn black. More serious reactions may include body aches, fever, itching, nausea, or vomiting.

Medical Treatment

If you or someone else is bitten by a spider, it is important to seek the appropriate medical treatment, particularly if the victim is allergic to these types of bites. If possible, it is helpful to take the spider along for proper identification.

Just as mosquito bites and bee stings don’t cause severe reactions in most people, they can be toxic to those who allergic. The same can be said about bites from a wolf spider.

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