Get Rid of House Spiders

Even though spiders can be beneficial by controlling other unwanted pests, most homeowners prefer not to have them in or around their homes. An effective way to control house spiders and other pests is by using an integrated pest management approach-or IPM. This involves combining methods of prevention, sanitation, and exclusion to reduce a pest population before resorting to chemical elimination, if a homeowner chooses to go that route.

An effective way to keep spiders under control is to make the environment less attractive to them by eliminating their basic necessities. First, remove the spider’s dwelling place by eliminating any webs or egg sacs by sweeping, dusting, or vacuuming. Outdoors, webs can also be destroyed by spraying them with a hose.

Eliminate other types of pests that will provide food for the spiders. Keep the home clean and clutter-free, including areas such as basements, garages, sheds and other outdoor buildings. Also keep piles of debris and trash away from the house, making sure it is hauled away often. Keep vegetation trimmed back so it does not grow up against the house, and also keep woodpiles away from the structure. These are places where spiders will frequently locate prey.

To prevent spiders and other pests from getting into the home, seal any gaps or cracks that may allow them entry. This also includes making sure that screens fit tightly and doors close properly. This may include using weather stripping, caulking, or door sweeps.

Outside, lighting near the home can often attract insects that the spiders will feed upon. Although many people prefer not to eliminate outdoor lighting, another option is to move it farther from the house or use sodium vapor lights.

Other methods of controlling house spiders may include glue boards or chemical methods, which should be handled by a pest control professional.