Brown Recluse Spider Traps

Eliminating brown recluse spiders is often done with glueboards or sticky traps, to which the spiders will get stuck. There are also a number of pesticides available to control them. It is best for licensed pest control professionals to handle this. Eliminating a brown recluse population can often mean applying products directly to the spiders.

Chemical control also involves treating the outside perimeter of a home. Indoors, a pest control professional would treat corners, baseboards and other seldom-used areas that may provide shelter for the spiders.

To keep a spider or insect population under control, it is best to use integrated pest management, or IPM. This is a method of not only using chemical control and traps, but also taking non-chemical, preventive measures. This includes eliminating the spiders’ access to a home, getting rid of items that would provide them a place to live, and removing any possible food source, such as insects.

For example, a homeowner could use caulk to seal any gaps or crevices that would allow spiders to enter the home. Likewise, they can make sure that window screens fit tightly and do not have holes in them. There are types of outdoor lighting available that are less attractive to insects, which become food for the spiders. For storage, a homeowner could use plastic bags, making sure they are well sealed, and also tape the edges of cardboard boxes so the spiders cannot enter.

It is best to get rid of any piles of trash, wood, rocks, or other items that may provide shelter for the spiders. They can also find shelter in cluttered garages, closets or basements. Vacuuming up egg sacs, webs, and dead insects also helps to control the spider population.

As a precaution, it is wise to shake out linens, shoes, or clothing before using them, especially if they have been in storage for some time. People should use caution when handling storage boxes, as well as firewood, rocks, or other outdoor items that may have provided harborage for the spiders. It is advisable to wear gloves when doing this.