Silverfish Nymphs

What Do Silverfish Nymphs Look Like?

Silverfish nymphs, often mistakenly called larvae, are very small, usually around 1/16 of an inch long. The insects do not undergo metamorphosis, so young silverfish are similar in appearance to adults with their lengthy antennae, six legs, and three long posterior appendages. Until they develop their characteristic silver scales after going through four molts, silverfish nymphs have soft, white bodies. It takes approximately 40 days for them to develop into mature adults, though, where environmental conditions are unfavorable, the process can take over a year.

Problems Caused
Despite their small size, silverfish nymphs cause all the same problems as fully grown adults. They are just as capable of damaging paper and clothing products and are more likely to contaminate stored foods like cereals, grains, and flours. As they eat, silverfish nymphs chew ragged holes in the pages of books, curtains, carpets, and wallpaper. The pests also defecate and leave yellowish stains behind when feeding.

Finding silverfish nymphs in the home indicates a thriving population of the nuisance insects. Additionally, homeowners are likely faced with uncontrolled humidity or moisture issues when silverfish are present, since the pests need to live in muggy environments. To avoid property damage, residents should contact the pest control experts at Western Pest. Our skilled technicians identify the source of silverfish problems, eradicate the insects, and help address underlying causes bringing the pests inside.