Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

How Bad Can it Be?
Silverfish infestations are rarely a cause for concern, but the presence of a large population of silverfish in the home can be an indication of other, more serious problems.

Under the right conditions, a large silverfish infestation can damage books, papers, boxes, and stored foods. Since the creatures hide in dark crevices during the daytime and are only active at night, homeowners should rely on other methods of detection than simply looking for the insects.

What to Look For
Silverfish leave yellowish stains on floors, papers, or fabrics. They also chew uneven holes on edges of paper and fabric products. Since silverfish are not good climbers, they can sometimes be found trapped in sinks or bathtubs when they fall in and cannot get out.

As the insects grow, they molt and leave behind discarded husks of dead exoskeletons that can accumulate and serve as additional signs of a silverfish infestation.

Control & Removal
Silverfish can survive for months without food, making it necessary to take an active approach in eradicating the pests. Even though silverfish do not spread diseases or bite people, they can damage property. The presence of silverfish often indicates a moisture problem in the house, since the insects thrive in areas with high humidity.

To avoid property damage, silverfish should be eradicated at the first sign of a silverfish infestation. Contact the pest control professionals at Western Pest, who can get rid of silverfish and help address the underlying issues bringing them into the home.