Green Cockroach

Cuban / Green Banana Cockroach

Since most cockroaches are dark-colored, brown-to-black, a green cockroach is very distinctive. The most common green cockroach is sometimes called the green banana cockroach. It is also called the Cuban cockroach because it was first collected in that country. The scientific name of the green cockroach is Panchlora nivea (L.).

green banana roach
image credit: Salvador Vitanza,

The green cockroach got the name green banana cockroach because it arrived in United States ports in boxes of bananas. It is common along the Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas. Because of truck transport, it has spread inland in several Gulf Coast states.

The green cockroach is actually only green in the adult stage. The immature roaches, called nymphs, are brown to dark brown in color. The green color develops as the roach matures.

An adult green cockroach is about one inch long. It is more slender than many other species of cockroach. Both male and females have fully developed wings and both are good fliers.

The green cockroach is an outdoor roach. It is commonly found in damp, shady areas with plenty of vegetation. These roaches will live in rotting logs and under piles of leaves. They feed on plant material.

Adult green cockroaches are attracted to lights. They fly toward doors and windows of houses where light shines out. If there is a gap under a door, they will move inside. However, they do not reproduce indoors and they seldom infest homes.

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