Get Rid of German Cockroaches

People who are fighting German cockroaches will try almost anything to get rid of the pests. People have been known to use dust on the baseboards, bombs in the cabinets, and chalk in the corners. They become angry and frustrated when the roaches do not disappear.

It is possible to eliminate German cockroaches, but it is not always easy. It can almost never be done in one treatment. In fact, German cockroach elimination usually requires several methods to be done together.

The first step is sanitation. A vacuum cleaner is a great tool for this step. Use the nozzle to vacuum the roaches out of the cracks and crevices where they hide. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove as many crumbs and food particles as possible. A roach can live for months on one kibble of dog food, so be thorough. Empty the vacuum into a trash bag and dispose of it outside.

Wipe all the counters and cabinets. Put away any food – use containers with tight lids if possible. Wash all the dirty dishes before going to bed so the roaches do not eat from them at night. Pick up the pet’s food at bedtime so the roaches do not eat it during the night.

Maintenance is an important part of German roach elimination. Repair any plumbing leaks and clean up any standing water. Using caulk, seal as many of the cracks and crevices in the kitchen as possible. This will take away the cockroach hiding places, so it may be necessary to vacuum up roaches again.

Treatment is the last step in German roach elimination. Any remaining cockroaches can be eliminated with cockroach bait. The gel bait can be injected into cracks and crevices. The plastic stations can be placed in corners of cabinet shelves, in drawers, under the sink, and in the motor compartment of the appliances.

Bait will have to be re-applied as long as the roaches are eating it. If there are any survivors, they will reproduce quickly and the problem will start all over. Use plenty of bait!

Monitoring tells you how you’re doing. Sticky traps make excellent monitors. They will show where the roaches are still active. These are the areas where the bait needs to be re-applied.

This part of the process can take several weeks, and it requires constant follow-up. Many people prefer to trust the treatment and monitoring parts of the program to pest control professionals.