Cockroach Baits

Cockroach baits are effective control tools because cockroaches are scavengers. The bait contains a food material that the roaches will eat readily. The bait also contains an active ingredient. This is the part that actually kills the roach.

The bait label shows that cockroach bait only contains a small amount of active ingredient. The bait is designed to be slow acting so that the roaches eat it and then go back to their hiding place.

How They Work

After they eat the bait, the roaches can spread the active ingredient in their droppings and their sputum. After a roach dies, the other roaches often eat it. The bait also makes the roach carcass toxic to its nest mates.

How to Use Them

Cockroach baits are easy to use. There is less risk of misapplication than with sprays or aerosols. Bait does not pose a great risk to the homeowner, the children, or the pets. Bait does not require mixing and it does not require special application equipment.

In order to control cockroaches successfully using bait, there must not be any other food available for the roaches. Wipe away crumbs, store food in sealed containers, empty the trash, wash the dishes, and move the recycling bin outside.

Types of Baits

Cockroach baits come in four forms. Baits are available as gel, as solid pellets, as plastic bait stations, and as a powder. Each type has advantages and disadvantages.

Gel cockroach baits are attractive to roaches because the gel baits are moist. Roaches eat the gel readily. The baits usually come with an applicator that works like a syringe. Small placements of gel are injected into the cracks and crevices where the roaches have been active.

Depending on the weather, gel bait will dry out after a few weeks. When gel bait becomes dry and hard, roaches are not likely to eat it. Fresh bait should be available as long as roaches are feeding.

Bait Stations
Plastic cockroach bait stations are easy to use. They are ideal for placing under appliances, under the sink, and in the back of drawers. The stations will remain effective for about three months if the roaches do not eat the bait immediately.

Solid cockroach baits are usually sold as small granules. Many of these are water-resistant so they can be used outdoors. These are especially good for the large outdoor roaches. These baits can be applied in flowerbeds and in ground cover. This treatment will control the roaches before they get into the house.

Powders & Boric Acid
Boric acid dust is really not cockroach bait, but it works like bait. Pest control product dealers usually sell powdered cockroach bait. Boric acid dust is a product that is available to homeowners in grocery stores. The roaches must swallow the powdered bait or the boric acid for it to work. After they walk through the dust or powder, the roaches swallow it when they groom themselves.

A light application of powdered bait or boric acid dust under cabinet bases or dishwashers will be effective. Boric acid dust can also be effective inside of walls, but this usually requires drilling tiny holes into the wall.

Cockroach baits are effective and fairly easy o use. In order to get complete control, the baits require monitoring and follow-up. Many people prefer to have pest control professionals make the actual bait applications.