Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

There are many theories as to why bed bugs are back.

Some believe that international travel plays a role as in most of the world, bed bugs never experienced a decline and bed bugs are spread easily through travel, placing infested baggage next to uninfested baggage, and even placing infested baggage in residences.

Where bed bugs can be found
Bed bugs have even been found in libraries as books become infested on nightstands and then are returned to the library. Any place where there is a dense population of humans is a candidate for infestation. To date, observations have been made of infestations in airplanes, hotels, homes, theaters, libraries, cruise ships, used furniture stores, and many other places. Even new mattresses delivered may have bed bugs if the new mattresses were placed on the delivery van with infested discarded mattresses. College residences are particularly susceptible especially when students exchange furniture or pick up dorm or apartment furniture from university swaps.

Some cities are prohibiting the placing of mattresses on the curb for disposal as these sometimes are taken for use by others. Any warm, relatively humid areas are possible targets and this can include alarm clocks, irons, computers, televisions, and audio equipment.

Frequent travelers should examine any hotel room paying close attention to walls, mattresses, headboards, box springs, bed sheets, and dust ruffles on the bed. Bed bug infestations are not a reason to panic; however, a little diligence when materials are brought into a home or residence especially after a trip, can pay great dividends in catching an infestation before it gets out of hand.