Bed Bug Rashes

Bed bug bites may result in what appears to be a rash.

Usually there is a feeding spot with a reddish area surrounding the bite site. That reddish area is frequently considered a “rash” either by itself or as a line of bed bug bites and their associated redness.

There are also recorded cases of a series of bed bug bites which resembles measles or chicken pox. These appear to be random bites on exposed skin. The severity of a rash can depend on how many insects fed on a person, how that individual reacts to the bed bug bites, and whether the rash is particularly itchy which can result in scratching leading to increased redness or “rash” and even open wounds.

Any rash associated with bed bugs or other source must be taken seriously and if possible examined by a medical professional to determine if medical treatment is appropriate to reduce itching. It is also possible that bed bug bites can be misdiagnosed ultimately leading to a false sense that a rash is from bed bugs when in fact the rash is an indication of a more serious disease. Rashes similar to bed bug bites can be indications of shingles, eczema, etc.

Image of red wounds from bed bug bites:
bed bug bite on arm