Bed Bug Symptoms

Symptoms of Bites and Allergies from Bed Bugs on Humans

Bed bug bites on people who react to bites can look like mosquito bites or like larger welts similar to what you may see in an allergic reaction. The bites can be very itchy, or mildly itchy depending on the individual.

Sometimes, bed bug bites are seen in a line. This shows the track or path of the bed bug which might feed on blood at one spot and then move to another in the same vein. This pattern is sometimes called “breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” It is also possible for bed bugs to feed just at one location.

As bed bugs feed to their fill, or repletion, they usually will remain attached for three to ten minutes. They may also void part of their blood meal as they feed so there are droppings of partially digested blood from the back end as the bed bug feeds on the front end. The droppings are not dangerous but may appear on the skin or clothing. If the bed bug voids after feeding, smears of partially digested blood may be found on sheets or linens.

Note that no physician, regardless of their skill, can diagnose welts or reactions as caused by bed bugs. The entire puzzle must be evaluated including whether bed bugs were found in the area.

Temporary relief from itching may be achieved using an anti-itch cream which can be suggested by a physician or pharmacist. Currently, no information suggests that bed bugs can be repelled by insect repellent. They are attracted to warmth and the body chemistry of humans, but may also be attracted to carbon dioxide.