How to Prevent Ant Infestations

3 tips to Reduce Ant Infestations
It’s easy to view ants as a seasonal inevitability. In fact, human behavior is often a driver of ant infestations. Here, Bob Johnson, an entomologist and Technical Specialist for Western’s MD/VA service area, shares a few simple changes that can have a big impact.

Create a Barrier: Lush landscaping looks great…to ants as well as humans. Choose non-insect-friendly plants. Keep them away from the building perimeter. There are ways to landscape elegantly that will avoid laying out the red carpet for ants.

Clean, with a Caveat: Even the cleanest locations can attract ants, which come and go in cycles. See issue 1 – if you keep things clean, but also keep ant-attracting plants close to your exterior walls, the ants will come regardless.

Use Ant Repellants Wisely: Misuse of ant baits attracts the very pests they are meant to eliminate. In some cases, interior gel baits literally invite ants inside. “There is a time to bait inside…and more of a time not to,” Johnson notes. “If ants are already trailing in and out, baits will often pull more ants in.” Worse yet, this can give them a chance to build a colony inside. Improper use of exterior repellants can also send ants running inside.