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Exterminator Companies

Exterminator Companies: A Snapshot of the Exterminator Industry

The exterminator industry, also known as the structural pest management industry, is made up of over 20,000 companies in the United States alone. These companies are engaged in the business of performing exterminating and prevention services to homes, workplaces, manufacturing plants, hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and transportation vehicles. This industry is generally not involved in agricultural extermination of crop insects. Pests addressed include termites, ants, roaches, flies, bed bugs, occasional pests, stinging insects, rodents, wildlife, and stored product pests as well as others. Experts estimate that the size of the industry is about $7 billion US annually. Most of the companies are small family owned firms with ten or fewer employees.

Entry into the extermination industry requires proper licensing by the state typically and also requires insurance. Most states require a basic exam to prove that the candidate understands biology of pests and extermination safety as well as regulations. Most states require re-certification periodically which is considered minimal update training. Requirements to establish new businesses are minimal and re-certification usually requires a few hours per year.

Larger more established companies have company training which goes far beyond state requirements. There are company credentials for employees who have completed the training. The most sophisticated programs are nationally recognized and include satellite and video training by in-house scientists.

The industry trade journal publishes a list of top 100 companies each year based upon declared sales. The following is the list of the top ten companies not necessarily in order of receipts but by region and revenue range.

Top national extermination companies in North America with revenues of over $1 billion US include:

  • Orkin Pest Control (and sister companies) offering commercial and residential services in the US, Canada, and globally through franchising
  • Terminix International which offers residential and commercial services in the US including some international franchises

National companies with revenues of $100million US to $350 million US:

  • Ecolab offering commercial services to institutions such as hotels
  • Steritech , offering commercial services in most of the US

Regional companies with revenues of $100 million US to $350 million US include:

  • Rentokil/Ehrlich Presto-X, a European company entering the US market with acquisitions in the northeast and Midwest
  • Massey Services offering residential and commercial services in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia
  • Cook’s Pest Control serving southeast states
  • Arrow Exterminators, serving the southeast
  • Terminix Services, local franchises serving certain markets in the US
  • Clark Pest Control, serving California and several western states

The remaining companies on the industry top 100 list range from $92 million US to under $5 million US. This means that the rest of the 20,000 plus companies in the US and Canada have sales of less than $5 million US. The average exterminator companies are local and might serve multiple counties or even multiple states or provinces if working near state or provincial border lines.