Water Boatmen

“Corixids” (True Bug)

My Home: I am found in freshwater ponds, streams, lakes that have aquatic plants. I am attracted to night lights and can fly out of the water.

What I eat: I am primarily an herbivore. I have a soft tube shaped mouth part that I use to suck in nourishment from aquatic plants and algae.
I use my saliva (spit on the food) to dissolve it so I can suck the juices back in with my soft tube mouth part. I can not bite.

What I look like:
My body is dark brown or black, about 1/2″ long, an elongated
shape, with short front legs that have a scoop on the end that I use to gather food. I use my oar shaped hind legs to swim, and I swim right side up. I carry my air supply with me, under my shell. I have wings and can fly at night because I am attracted to artificial lights.

How I am born: I go through three stages of development or incomplete metamorphosis: egg, nymph and adult. My egg is attached to underwater
plants and rocks. I hatch into a nymph and will molt to reach my adult form. I receive my wings in my last molt. It takes me around 6 weeks to go from egg to adult. I can live about a year and even under ice as long as there are air bubbles.

Fun Facts: I use the air bubble I keep on my body to breathe underwater just like a scuba diver. To keep from floating back to the surface, I have to hook my legs on a plant or rock. There are over 500 species of water boatmen in the world.