My Home: I will spend most of my life as a larva in the water. I am found throughout North America and in most parts of the world.

What I eat: As a larva, I eat algae. As an adult, I cannot eat because I do not have a functional mouth.

What I look like: I am usually green, ½ to 1 inch in length and have two or three long tails that extend from the end of my body. I have two sets of wings that are held up over my body when I am not flying.

How I am born: I go through three stages of development: egg, naiad and adult. My egg is laid in the water. I will hatch into a naiad and spend up to three years living in the water. As an adult, I will only live from two minutes to two days, only long enough to reproduce.

Fun Facts: Mayflies have been around since before dinosaurs even existed; over 350 million years. Mayflies need clean water to live in and scientists look for their larva in water to see if the water is polluted.