Japanese Beetle

My Home: I am found in almost all parts of the United States, Asia, Europe and Canada and live in fields, crops, and in backyards.

What I eat: I eat around 300 species of plants, even poison ivy. I usually will feed with a group of other beetles. We start at the top of a plant and work our way down. We can be very destructive to crops when large groups of us are hungry. I eat the soft tissue out between the veins of the leaves and cause the leaf to look skeletonized.

What I look like: As an adult I am ½ to ¾ of an inch in length. I have hard metallic green shells with copper colored wing casings.

How I am born: I go through four stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. My egg is laid in the ground in the fall and I emerge in spring, usually late May. I will live for 30 – 45 days as an adult.

Fun Facts: Japanese beetles can fly as far as five miles, but are poor fliers and can be caught easily. When approached, they lift their spiny hind legs up in the air to scare off the intruder