How to Catch Worms

Worms make a great food source for different kinds of pets. Some of these are lizards, frogs, turtles, fish, and chickens. Another good thing to use worms for is fishing. Almost all kinds of fish love eating a nice juicy earthworm. Whatever you are using worms for, it is much better to catch your own than to buy them. Purchasing worms can get really expensive over time. Here are some techniques to catch free worms right in your own back yard!

Before You Catch Worms
The first thing you need to do is get a worm house of some kind. This is the home they will live in until you are ready to use them for fishing or pet food. You can purchase a worm bin online or you can make your own. Fill the worm house with moist soil and some organic material like vegetable scraps so they worms have something to eat. Setting up a composting bin is a great way to put worms to work while you store them. They will breakdown garbage for you, and are available for fishing or pet food when needed.

Method 1: Go Digging
The most common method to catch worms is just to grab a shovel and dig up chunks of soil. You will likely find a few worms with each scoop you pull out. Make sure you are targeting moist areas with rich soil. This is where worms like to hang out. If the soil is dry the worms will be much deeper. Worms can be slippery so it might be a good idea to wear gloves, put sand on your fingers, or use tweezers to get a hold of them. You don’t want them to get away! The downside to this method is you could be damaging the landscape by digging up chunks of dirt.

Method 2: Wait for Rain
Another method for catching worms is waiting for a rain storm. The ground will get saturated, and this will draw worms out. When the soil gets completely soaked worms cannot breathe. They need air pockets in the soil. The result is that worms come to the surface of the earth to get air. This is why you often find worms on side walks after heavy rains. You can simply walk out in the rain and gather them up. The downside to this method is you have to wait for rain.

Method 3: Cardboard Technique
Another technique to capture worms is to use cardboard. Find a large sized piece of cardboard and spray it down with a hose at night before going to bed. Place the cardboard over a patch soil that looks worm friendly. In the morning, go out and lift the cardboard up. You should find a bunch of worms hanging out underneath it. The worms will be attracted to the dampness. After you lift the cardboard you must act quick, because the worms will try to get away.

Method 4: PVC Pipe Technique
This method involves getting a PVC pipe, and drilling holes in one end of it. The end with holes goes into the soil, and the worms are then free to crawl in through the holes. You can then dump food scraps into the PVC pipe and it will drop down into the soil. This will attract worms to feed on it. This is a great way to attract worms to your yard in specific locations. The worms will aerate your lawn and make the soil more rich. You will also be able to dig around the pipe and gather worms when needed.