Insect Activities for Kids

Catching Bugs

Learn from the Bugs You Catch
Hunting down and catching insects with a net or vacuum is only half the fun. After you catch it you can then keep it in a bug habitat and examine it for a while. There are a lot of interesting things to learn from watching insects. Through observing different kinds of insects you will gain a better appreciation for science and nature. It may even spark a passion for a future career in entomology, the study of insects.

If you watch any insect for a period of time you will begin to understand its behavior. You can see they way they move, eat, and live in general. Hours can be spent studying behavior patterns of different insects. It is very interesting and fun! In fact, that is how scientists make new discoveries every day with all kind of animals. All bugs are fun to watch, but perhaps the most interesting are ants. With an ant farm you can watch them create whole communities. They will dig out tunnels and chambers underground for different purposes like food storage and breeding. Having an ant farm givings you a look into this normally hidden, underground world.