My Home: I am found in gardens, fields, on crops and forests in almost all climates worldwide.

What I eat: I am an herbivore, which means I eat only plants.

What I look like: I come in many sizes and up to 5 inches in length. I can walk, hop great distances and even fly. I have five eyes and no ears, but can still hear with a special organ on my abdomen called a tympanal organ. My large back legs are used for hopping and making music. My smaller front legs are used for eating and walking.

How I am born: I go through three stages of development: egg, nymph and adult. My egg is laid in the fall and will hatch during the spring. I hatch into a nymph, which looks like an adult grasshopper, but without wings. I shed my skin many times to grow. When I become an adult I have developed wings. I will live about one year.

Fun Facts They make their sound (music) by rubbing their wings or legs together. They can jump 20 times the length of their body. That would be like a 6′ man jumping 120 feet. There are over 18,000 different species worldwide.